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    Hard Target Test Booster & Hormone Optimizer

    Hormones. The best kept secret in performance enhancement and bodybuilding. Once you find out “everyone is using them” it’s hard to get a clear picture of where to go. We’re not here to pretend or BS you that using Hard Target will replace any hardcore “PED.” It’s just not the truth and anyone or any brand inferring otherwise is full of shit. It is designed to complement your approach to hormone optimization whether you’re “on’ or “off.”

    Now that we’ve cleared the air, Hard Target is a complete hormone supplement. We’ve pushed the edge with our extremely high ingredient doses and the ingredients themselves. We did this to help optimize hormones in three ways.

    Boost free and total testosterone
    Control cortisol
    Keep estrogen in line
    Intelligently designed hormone products address these three areas because they are what matter most when optimizing hormones. However, you really don’t see many hormone supplements designed like this because idiots at other brands really don’t really know what they’re doing most of the time. We’re not afraid to say because let’s be honest, what experience with hormones or real athletes pushing extreme limits do most “formulators” have? ZERO.

    At Apollon Nutrition, we’re not here to just throw average out into the marketplace and hope our fancy marketing coerces you to buy from us. We are here to formulate and deliver the real deal with our no BS approach. Take it or leave it. But if you take it, rest assured it will work and deliver what we say it will. We don’t compromise and we’re here to DOMINATE. THAT is Apollon Nutrition and why we are APOLLON STRONG.

    Resistance – Premium Immune System Support

    The grind. We live it every day. There’s no breaks. Train, eat, sleep, repeat. Rest days are painful not because we’re sore, but because we’re not pushing iron. What’s the worst than a rest day? Not being able to train because we’re sick. Fuck that.

    There’s no doubt that 2020 taught us all a lot of lessons. Being alone. Being stuck in the house. Having our gyms closed. The viruses in our communities and getting sick can really be a dance with the devil. So what do we do? Live in fear? No way dude. We do what we can. We push on and stick our middle fingers up to things like the pandemic but at the same time take a measured approach to protect ourselves.


    Fully loaded for maximum immune strength*
    Aggressively increase virus fighting cells*
    Strongly resist common cold & flu*
    Optimize gut & respiratory health*
    Zero fillers.
    100% Transparent Label

    We resisted the bullshit with Resistance. This powerful product was designed by a Pharm. D. specifically to help give gym rats like you the confidence to train and keep your immune system strong in these questionable times. At Apollon, we don’t mess around with fluff ingredients or bullshit doses. We armed Resistance with a blistering array of immune boosting ingredients that can help you say “fuck your lockdown” with confidence and strong immune system.
    There you have it. The strongest immune support supplement made for people like you that bleed the iron life. It’s not for everyone and isn’t cheap. However, it is designed for hardcore people that don’t want to sit on their assess scared during the pandemic. Is that you? If you want to say “fuck your lockdown” and get after it in the gym with confidence, then join us by getting a bottle of RESISTANCE. It’s supplement insurance to live the way you want.

    Overtime Endless Energy Nootropic

    If you’ve never tried nootropics before, buckle up and get ready for one heck of a ride. For those of you who already utilize these powerful brain-boosting and performance-enhancing products, you already know to keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

    When the potent ingredients from Apollon Nutrition Overtime are absorbed and taking effect, it’s like a light switch gets turned on and everything seems much clearer. In fact, once you try Apollon Nutrition Overtime, you’ll probably never stray away. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

    With all that being said, there are five key benefits you can experience from the use of Apollon Nutrition Overtime.

    Endless Energy
    Here’s the great thing about Apollon Nutrition Overtime, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for mental energy or physical energy – Overtime has you covered with both!

    Long days in the office, all-nighters working on college or business projects, intense gym sessions, early morning cardio, late nights with friends partying it up at the club… regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, the specific formula found in Apollon Nutrition Overtime is right there pushing you along.

    Enhanced Mood
    Let’s be real for a minute – who couldn’t use a happy pill? Life is stressful. We have stress at work, stress at home, stress from kids, stress from relationships, and have you watched the news lately? It’s downright depressing! Thanks to Apollon Nutrition Overtime, you can enhance your mood and give yourself a daily dose of some happiness.

    The precise ingredients found in Overtime can help better manage stress levels, calm you down, allow you to relax, and think more clearly. When you take those factors into account and improve upon them, it can change your outlook and entire day.

    Heightened Memory and Focus
    I’m not saying your memory isn’t good but, in all honesty, after reading this you’ll probably forget everything that was said anyway. But if you took Apollon Nutrition Overtime, you’d have a better chance of recalling the fact that I said you have a bad memory (just don’t show up at my doorstep, it was only a joke).

    All jokes aside, nootropic ingredients, like what’s found in Overtime, can help improve your memory, focus, and strategic thinking. This can give you an edge not only at work but also during athletic competitions and workouts. The fact that you have the ability to increase your cognitive thinking and processing while boosting your overall mental performance can drastically improve all aspects of your life.

    Perfect for ANYONE
    When it comes to supplements, brands generally have a specific demographic they are looking to target. In the supplement industry, it tends to be those who are athletes, regular exercisers, weekend warriors, and just about anyone who lives an active lifestyle. Well, Apollon Nutrition doesn’t discriminate with Overtime.

    Overtime is for ANYONE and EVERYONE! Professional athletes and competitors, avid exercises or those who work out regularly, CEOs, business executives, business owners, marathon runners, adventure racers, gamers, stay-at-home parents, designers, police, firefighters, even brain surgeons! Ok, maybe brain surgeons are a stretch based on their line of work – but you get the point.

    In a nutshell, the benefits of using Apollon Nutrition Overtime can be experienced by anyone!

    Long-Lasting Single-Dose Convenience
    If you’re the type who likes to “set it and forget it” you’re going to love the convenience of Apollon Nutrition Overtime. Many products force you to take multiple servings each day to feel the lasting effects, but with Overtime it’s once and done. No longer will you need to carry supplements around with you to take throughout the day. No more missing a dose because you forgot you needed to take another serving or left the bottle at home. Overtime is about simplicity and results.

    With Apollon Nutrition Overtime, simply take one serving 30 minutes before you want to start feeling the performance enhancements and you’re good to go. Simple. Convenient. And long-lasting. Can you ask for anything more?

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    Delivery Terms

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    • It is your responsibility to make sure someone is in to receive your order. If you know no one will be in, please leave instructions in your order notes or contact us to nominate a secure location.
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